Can Massage Therapy Help Reduce the Symptoms of Inside Knee Pain?

Massage therapy can be a great way to alleviate the symptoms of knee pain. Research has shown that both massage and self-massage can be effective in reducing pain associated with knee arthrosis. Our professional and licensed massage therapists have provided advice on where and how to massage knee pain for maximum relief. The rectus femoris muscle, located in the quadriceps group of the front of the thigh, has a strong tendon that attaches above and below the patella.

Tension in this muscle or overuse can cause patellar tendonitis or tendonopathy, resulting in pain below the kneecap. Massage therapy is an effective treatment for these conditions, as it reduces tension in the rectus femoris muscle and applies cross-fiber friction massage to the tendon itself to promote healing. The hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, and calf muscles all connect to the knee joint and can influence mobility. Massaging these muscles can help ease knee pain.

Additionally, walking or performing knee stretching exercises can help maintain joint mobility if the pain makes walking unbearable. The knee lift technique is designed to locate trigger points above and below the knee. This self-massage protocol was based on research that relates the quadriceps muscle to knee arthrosis. During the massage, feedback from the recipient about any pain related to massaging above and below the knee should be taken into account.

Nerve irritation is another source of knee pain that health professionals often overlook.The vastus medial muscle may contain trigger points that cause medial knee pain, as well as pain in the inner thigh. From simple meniscus or ligament tears due to overuse to diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, many conditions can cause knee pain. Improvements in pain may be related to the medial thigh muscle rather than to knee osteoarthritis.Many people misunderstand massage guns and think that hitting your knees with them will ease pain. However, using a massage gun routinely if you feel any pain in or around your knee during daily tasks can be beneficial.

The knee lift technique combined with the knee friction technique usually provides quick results because it can affect the trigger points around the knee.The researchers in this study have pointed out that “previous studies have also confirmed that massage therapy is useful for improving pain, stiffness and functional status of patients with knee arthrosis”, however, they also point out that currently “the evidence of massage for knee osteoarthritis lacks a comprehensive evaluation of the system”.

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