How do you massage your knee cartilage?

Without lubrication, blows are applied around the knees. Press all four of your fingertips firmly against the fabric, compressing a small area while moving the fabric up and down with five short movements around the bottom, outside, top and inside of the knee. In addition, any knee pain that occurs after trauma (such as a fall or car accident) should be reported immediately to your doctor, as more complex tests or treatments may be needed. These professionals are trained to select the massage style that is most beneficial for sore or arthritic knees.

Because many of the commonly prescribed treatments for knee pain have side effects and some have limited benefits, many people are left looking for alternative options. But if you've been exploring other remedies, you might be wondering how to massage knee pain (and if there's any science behind its benefits). After eight weeks of massage, patients reported less pain and stiffness in the knee and better knee function. In fact, one study found that participants with knee arthrosis who received a 60-minute weekly massage for eight weeks had less pain and better daily function in the short term than those who received standard care.

Below, learn about some common sources of knee pain, as well as four knee massage methods that may provide you with some relief. Research seems to suggest that massage therapy may positively affect pain levels, stiffness and overall day-to-day function in people with knee arthrosis.

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