What to Do if You Suspect a Knee Dislocation

Knee dislocations are serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. If you experience extreme pain, swelling, bruising, or a “clicking” sound in your knee after an injury, you may have a dislocated knee. It is important to seek emergency medical care right away if you suspect a dislocation. An MRI may be used to determine if there is any damage to the bone or cartilage in the femur or lower part of the patella.

If so, arthroscopic surgery may be necessary. Surgery can also be used to recreate a torn ligament if you have had more than one dislocation. In some cases, the doctor may also recommend realigning the bone through a procedure called a tibial tubercle osteotomy to help keep the patella in good condition. The success rate of surgery for patellar instability is very high.

More than 95% of patients no longer have dislocations and more than 85% return to playing sports at the same level or higher than before their injury. If you think you may have a knee dislocation, it is important to seek medical attention right away. With proper treatment, you can get back to your normal activities quickly and safely.

Vera Hostettler
Vera Hostettler

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